So great to see friends!!

What an AMAZING couple of off days we had! Megan and I met up with our two great friends from Toyota, Monica Abbott and Natasha Watley! Another star guest was Lauren Lappin!! She made the 4 hour trip from her Honda team! We all took the train, to meet in Nagoya and met in this little dinner place in the train station to wait for Lauren! It was so nice to catch up with everyone. Then we made our way to a little british pub!! It was awesome because it was nice to get american like food and catch up with friends. We had random creepy guys come up and talk to us and ask up why the heck we are here, and my name was Lauren when that happened HA! It was pretty comical! After we had a nice little meal, we decided it was best to head back to Kariya, since the train station closes at 12! We decided to make one more little stop before we headed back to our place! There is a cute little british pub close to our place called “Boobys”. Cool atmosphere and everything so we decided to go hang for a little bit. It was an amazing catching up with one of my close friends Lauren Lappin! She also just got engaged SOOO it was nice to finally give her a giant hug and congratulate her!! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy! 

Missing you all

- D.E.L


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