Some of my ALL-TIME favorite things

So I was sitting at a Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop here in Japan and it had me thinking about letting you guys in on some of my all time fav things! I thought I’d post pics of them all! 

1. First and foremost my family, they are my rock and I love them all so much.

2. My boyfriend, he is such a great influence on me and couldn’t be more supportive of me pursuing my dreams with softball.

3. James Taylor … got introduced to him by my dad, music that is I have yet to meet him but I would LOVE that!

4. Smarties, favorite canadian candy

5. Tattoos, I love them, they are so beautiful and really express people in different ways.

6. Mac Makeup is stunning

7. Babies, I love them, they are able to bring such life out of people and I can’t wait till I’m able to have one and give it the best life possible.

8. Marilyn Monroe- True stunner in all ways.

9. Camping, some of my best memories growing up are by the Shuswap lake with my family

10. Christmas time while watching “A christmas story” such a classic

11. Softball, it has allowed me to do so many things in life and I’m forever grateful for every opportunity

12. An amazing glass of merlot always does the heart good.

13. Nothing beats an amazing night out with red lipstick

14. My trip to hawaii with my girlfriends

15. The movie UP, makes me cry, laugh, and be so happy all at once

16. The disney princesses, they are beautiful!

17. Insanity workouts, you find how mentally tough you are by doing this challenge for 60 days straight

18. My ex boyfriend in the strip shirt, he passed away two years ago, July 4 2010 a VERY VERY VERY hard loss. He was one of the best human beings I’ve ever known. His smile lives on inside me. 

19. My Shokki team here in japan! They are all amazing. 

20. A house decorated with walls of family

21. Washington softball winning the national championship 

22. My old dog Thomas, so hard giving him up for adoption but I couldn’t give him the attention he needs

23. Winnie the pooh, my snuggle partner 

24. Pictures with friends from home, Carlee is one of my all time favorites! We’ve been friends since I was 15!

25. My brother, watching him pursue his dream is amazing and I’m so proud of him

26. Nordstom, favorite store on the planet

27. Dressing babies up in the cutest clothes possible! 

28. My grandparents! They are amazing individuals!

29. Ashley Aven, she passed away of cancer in 2010 but getting to know her made me a better person. She was a fighter and I miss her. 

30. The movie the Sandlot.. my brother pulled a Benny the Jet move trying to steal home a couple games ago! I think he got it from that movie ha! 


This about sums it up! All of these things bring the biggest smile to my face! Thanks again to you all that take the time to read this. 


Miss you guys




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