You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill2

First things first, It has been WAY to long since i’ve written! Sorry I have been so busy! There has been so many great things that has happened over the past couple weeks! We had what is called golden week over here, it is a whole week that people get off work. Kind of like our Christmas break back home! For golden week Megan and I decided to head to Tokyo to meet up with one of USSSA teammates and best friends Lauren Lappin and her girlfriend Shannon! We decided to head over for two nights and three days! 


What an amazing time we had! Megan and I left and took the bullet train Sunday morning! For those of you who don’t know, it is a train that pretty much gets you there faster than a plane! Or the same as a plane! Its a regular 6 hour drive to Tokyo, Megan and I got there in an hour and a half! We wanted to start out by site seeing right away so we dropped our bags off in the hotel and set sail! First stop was Shibuya. It happens to be the busiest intersection in the whole world, and that it was! It was crazy! There was already so many extra people there because it was golden week, but it was hard to walk without being bumped into. It was neat to see everything! We also decided to do a little shopping! Forever XI is the same size in all countries, thank goodness ha! American sizes, it felt nice to be able to try on clothes and them fit! Next stop was lunch! We found an outback and it was heaven! First time we have had American type food in quite sometime! We got margaritas, and burgers and sat and had a heart to heart! It was nice! After we ate we decided to head back and get ready for the night! We had showers and got ready and we were finally ready to see Lauren and Shannon! Lauren had already scouted out the area so she had everything already pin pointed out that we were going to do! It was gay pride week in Japan, so the streets of where we were were crazy! It awesome, we saw so many foreigners! Our first stop was this little restaurant to grab some beers. These guys were sitting next to us, and of course being some what rude in Japanese, so I talked back and said if they don’t cut it out, I was going to punch them in the face HA, note to self, people know English all over the world! This guy started yapping back, and was just being brutal! It was soon over and we finished our beers, and moved on to our dinner for the night! We went to this neat little Thai place and man was it good! The thing about food over here, is its unique and different! They have not only great Japanese food, but they have food types from all around the world! It was great to sit around and catch up! It felt great to be over here in Japan, and still be able to be surrounded by some of my close friends! After dinner we headed to a night club where I pretty much danced the night away! I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a dancer, but Megan Jo is rubbing off on me! I literally danced my face off for 3 hours! The beauty of this place was it was a gay bar, which mean me dancing like crazy did  not involve “grinding” from behind ! We stayed there for quite some time, and then decided to head back and get some rest! Note to self, when going out dancing, be more prepared when it comes to heels, or just have more experience in them… I had to change shoes with three of the girls to finally get a solid shoe that I could dance in! Thanks again to everyone that swapped ha!! 

Day 2

We got up around 11 and met up with Lauren and Shannon to site see for the day! We headed to Starbucks to get our daily fix in! We decided to head over to Harajuku Street! Not going to lie, there was way to many people all populated in one area! You couldn’t even move, I was walking around with “elbows up” and if someone bashed into me that was there problem! We had a fun day going around to different places, seeing unique things, it was awesome but I soon got burnt out from walking around so much! We stopped in at this neat little burger joint, that turned out to fantastic, we stayed there and had lunch and beers for a couple hours, it was a nice dose of home! After we ate, we decided to site see a little longer and make our final stop at Park Hyatt Tokyo! The views were outstanding, I think its like $2000 a night or something! It is where they filmed the movie “Lost in translation” It was neat to sit and have happy hour right where they did in the movie! Also, Megan bought a bottle of Champagne, so we all just sat and relaxed and thought about the day! I was so over walking, so when I heard we were taking a taxi back I was really stoked! Megan’s dad had told Megan that we needed to site see Roppongi, and that there was a lot of foreigners there! We met up with Lauren and Shannon for a drink and then made our way over there! We just did different bar hops, going around dancing and having a good time! We met this random foreigner in a cross walk that worked over in Japan, so he decided to be our tour guide that night, we didn’t mind that he wanted to pay for majority of drinks and stuff for the night to :) One thing we did do was dance the night away! We had a great time! After we finished up we headed to this small Ramen noodle place to grab bite to eat. It was a decent time to call home so I called my brother! He was just about to do the Victoria Secret thing in T.O, but it was nice to hear his voice and see how he was doing! After we ate, we headed back to the hotel and went to bed!

Day 3

We got up around 11 again and we were ready to take on the day! We decided to go shopping for the day and grab some lunch and by the time we finished up it would be time to head to the Tokyo Giants baseball game! Little did we know that Megan would find the Chanel bag she had been wanting forever, and she a GOT IT! Its gorgeous! So sleek and sexy, she looks no joke 5 inches taller in it, I think she could walk on water ha! After she made the big purchase we headed to the baseball game! Tickets compliments of Scott Mathieson! His dad used to coach my brother, small world that we got in touch over here and worked it out where we could go to one of there games! We were pretty exhausted after the 6th inning so we decided to head back to Kariya where we live! We got back in to Kariya around 11 that night, and I have not looked more forward to going to bed then that night! We really did have a wonderful time, great laughs, great memories and we took Tokyo by a storm! 

This past weekend, it sure felt GREAT to get back on the field! It has been two long weeks and they could not have gone by any slower! Our games where pretty close to Tokyo again, so we left Thursday after noon! It took about 5 hours to get there! The weekend went by really quick! We won both games, and like I said, it felt great to get back out there! We won both and its important to move forward, especially after what had happened out last game! One thing about softball over here, they get great crowds and the energy level is really high! It felt good to get back on the same page with Megan and throw pretty solid in both games! One pitch at a time! Also, it was mothers day sunday, so I wished my mom a very happy mothers day :)

Thanks again, for the people that take the time to ready this :) I appreciate you all ! Miss you guys!


PS: Good luck to my Huskies, #16 seed means nothing, anything can happen in this game :) 



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