T- Minus 8 days!

I can’t believe in 8 days I will be heading back to states! I’m so so so so excited!! It has been quite the journey this first half of the JSA season! A lot of alone time, its either a gooooooood thing or a badddddd thing! At times, its been bad because it leaves me to think so much, but at times its been good!

We’ve gone 2-2 over the past two weekends! Not everything we wanted, but there was small improvements in our game! I threw one of the games we lost last weekend, and one of the games we won! A lot of emotion for me in the loss. I don’t think I have ever been pushed to that limit. That one game took a lot of fun out for me and I was emotionally and physically drained for a week. It honestly allowed me to realize how much more work I need in the mental training of this game. There are so many things about this game that you cannot control. The only thing you can control is yourself. I was fully out of line. I know I’m in a different country, and so many things at times are stacked against us foreigners odds, but still I have a competitiveness about me.. that sometimes gets out of line. At times all I ask is that the game is officiated fairly. 

This is why we play this game, we play it to sculpt us into human beings. When I think I’m on top of the world, this game really finds a way to humbled me so quickly. I respect it so much and it really allows for me to week in and week out tap into my work out routines and always find a way to get better! We all get fired up in different situations, its how the game is played! For example, the Oregon vs Texas game. There was a lot going on there! Was it all right? Ah no, but its the game, your playing for an opportunity to play on one of the biggest stages in the game, in the heat of the moment, at times all that is on your mind is your teammates and winning! I respect the energy from both parties during that game. I bet they were all completely exhausted after the game because they seemed to leave it all on the field. To Oregons pitcher, I have MAD respect for her. She pitched her complete ASS off those three games. She battled a tough strike zone, and found a way to get it done. It doesn’t matter what school you go to, if you are a rock out there for your team, I respect the crap out of you! Its going to be an interesting world series! I really dont know who is going to win! It could go either way this year! My guess’s would be between Cal, Oklahoma and Alabama, but we shall see! 

Again, thank you to everyone that takes the time to read this. I appreciate you all! I can’t wait to get back in to the states and see familiar faces! Words of encouragement to leave you with, “Always find a way to get better, stare your worst enemy in the eye and NEVER BACK DOWN”, Its the only way to live your life. 

Love you guys


PS: My brother sure made me laugh last week with the helmet throwing! Just so you guys know… it was by NO means intended to hit him, it was the bounce! Hes still learning about his self and how much passion he has for this game! I’d want to go to war with that kid ANY day! Love you bro

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