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Team Dinner Party

What an amazing night of team time here in Japan! It was our beginning of the year dinner. It was nice to just sit and have a couple drinks and enjoy a Japanese style dinner! Like I keep going back to and saying! The rookies do SO MUCH! They did everything for everyone at dinner. They poured our drinks, got our drinks, they served us our food they did EVERYTHING. The rookies and myself all had to give little speeches during dinner! Just saying our name position and kind of our goal for the year. After we had our team dinner, we all went to team karaoke! It was interesting thats for sure! Megan and I got a couple english songs in there but for the most part, it was all japanese! It was a great night bonding with everyone off the field! I can’t wait until season starts! Still a couple weeks away from that! Season opens up April 14! 3 days after my birthday! I can’t believe I’m turning 25, its gone by so fast! 


Anyways thanks again for taking the time to read this!!

Miss you guys




Boy do I miss my Washington Teammates!!

Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates. – Magic Johnson

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Washington teammates! I’ve been keeping up on there website and seeing how there doing! It brings back so MANY amazing memories I had over the course of the 5 year span! I met some of my best friends and I’m lucky enough to still be playing with some in our NPF league! They changed me as a person! I miss our amazing Coaches! Coach Tarr, JT, And Glass! They were amazing and such a great support system! I’m always thinking about them and wishing them the best!

Good luck to you guys the rest of the year


So great to see friends!!

What an AMAZING couple of off days we had! Megan and I met up with our two great friends from Toyota, Monica Abbott and Natasha Watley! Another star guest was Lauren Lappin!! She made the 4 hour trip from her Honda team! We all took the train, to meet in Nagoya and met in this little dinner place in the train station to wait for Lauren! It was so nice to catch up with everyone. Then we made our way to a little british pub!! It was awesome because it was nice to get american like food and catch up with friends. We had random creepy guys come up and talk to us and ask up why the heck we are here, and my name was Lauren when that happened HA! It was pretty comical! After we had a nice little meal, we decided it was best to head back to Kariya, since the train station closes at 12! We decided to make one more little stop before we headed back to our place! There is a cute little british pub close to our place called “Boobys”. Cool atmosphere and everything so we decided to go hang for a little bit. It was an amazing catching up with one of my close friends Lauren Lappin! She also just got engaged SOOO it was nice to finally give her a giant hug and congratulate her!! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy! 

Missing you all

- D.E.L


Japan !!!!!

How do I even begin to summarize my trip so far! It has been a whirlwind! It has almost been a week since I  have been here in Japan! I left out of Vancouver international airport last sunday, kissing my mom and dad goodbye, and having an emotional goodbye to my boyfriend Andrew. Its crazy the emotions you feel when you know your not going to see someone for quite sometime. I was so excited for this opportunity that is presented in front of me, but the thought of not getting to see him, truly hurt my heart. Tears were flowing, and the hugged continued for about 10 minutes until I finally had to board my flight to LAX. I scanned my boarding pass and walked to the plane waving goodbye. I had to keep reminding myself everything was going to be alright (and it was), but when your pretty young and in love it can be hard. I met up with the one and only Megan Jo Willis in the Delta Sky Lounge in LAX, and grabbed a bite to eat. We had a 2 and a half hour lay over that went by pretty quick. We boarded the flight, the Narita, Tokyo and as I walked into business class, it was a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME. I’ve been so fortunate enough to travel the world with softball, but having the chance to fly business class on a 13 hours flight is the way to go. It was all amazing, the food, the service, the Cesars, the seats that reclined into beds, and the giant poofy blankets that we got! Again, very thankful for this! Megan and I both slept for probably 6 hours of the flight which was perfect! We had arrived in Tokyo at last! We sprinted to our connecting flight (lucky to make it) and made out final decend into Nagoya! Awaiting us was our translator, Kuroki! What a sweetheart! I knew right off the bat she was going to be a gem! We head to our place, and she turns back and hands me a brand new Iphone 4 to use while here in Japan! For generous of course! It keeps me connected to all of you folks via twitter and facebook! We make it to our place, and I get the royal tour. A 4 bedroom apartment for me and Megan! Pretty nice. I have the upstairs to myself. Big bed, puffy blankets, plenty of hangors so I’m good :) Were told we have to get ready the next day to head over and play in a mini tournament. I try and unpack as my eyeballs are slowly closing so I stop and have a quick skype call with Andrew! I already miss his face by seeing him. The morning comes quick as I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 5 AM. I wake up FAMISHED and flustered. I text Megan to see if we have food. Luckily we have the “Danielle Lawrie special” in the house. I whip up an Egg Mcmuffin, and head back upstairs to unpack and pack for our 3 game road trip. We take the bullet train over and what an experience that was! Pretty cool! Of course we had to make a trip to Starbucks! I love seeing how unique things are over here. We head over to meet up with the team, and find them all waiting out side of the hotel to greet us! What sweet and amazing girls they already seem like, giving us hugs and helping us with our bags! We get all settled down and make our way to dinner. One thing I kind of enjoyed was that we are not aloud to wear shoes in the hotel, you either have to place them in lockers just before you enter, or carry your shoes to your room (it was crazy). With dinner, it was different as well, we had to sit on the floor, (traditional but I’m not used to it of course).  Food was then delivered to us all. Different but yummmmmy! I have to get used to carbs over here! SOO MANY! It felt good to sit down and meet with everyone. We got the run down for the week and headed back into our rooms to prepare for game day! I woke up early again but its kind of nice to be up just as the sun rises! I was throwing the first game of the day, so it was nice to run and stretch out and get ready to go. It was fun to connect up with the girls and see how the flow of the team went. I loved it! I loved the support system of everyone! They cheer like its the last out every single pitch! Its AMAZING. To make a long story short, we played 5 games on the road, and went 4-1. I threw 10 innings and felt pretty good! We made our way back yesterday and it never felt so good to finally lay in my own bed!! The next day we had to have a girls shopping trip. It was Megan, Kuroki and I! The mall was huge, I could barley fit in anything HA, the biggest they have for us is mediums over here! Also, shoes… ahhh out of the question, don’t even attempt. Pretty neat walking around and checking everything out. We then went back to our place and just hung out! And here we are now! Were just about to sit down to a nice Taco dinner prepared by the one and only Megan-San along with a nice glass of Cab! I think were going to throw on Pretty Woman as well! First time for everything! 

One thing I do want to say is, the amount of effort the rookies have to do here. THEY DO EVERYTHING. By that I mean literally everything. Take gear, hand out boxed lunches, take laundry, do it, fold it and hand it back, serve us our dinner, take our trash. Its so much. I don’t know how they do it. I know I would not have been able to do that in college. I have so much appreciation for these young rookies as well as the vets. The level of play over here is some what simliar to the states, but the work ethic over here is over the top. They eat/sleep and breath this sport. When they strike out in a game, they are in their rooms taking dry hacks preparing for tomorrows game so they wont repeat the same mistake. I have so much respect for how they play the game over here. Its nice to see, and it allows you to appreciate HARD HARD HARD work. 
I hope you all enjoy this ! 
Hope you all are doing well! I miss you guys!
Thinking of my brother and wishing him a quick recovery with his groin!
Until next time :)
- D.E.L
PS: Check out our team website for updates

Another Cape Weekend !!

What an amazing weekend! We spent another weekend down in Cape Cod and it was a lot of fun. Andrew and I had 4 sets of couples to his family beach house, and it was such an amazing weekend! One couple brought there 5 month old daughter Lyla. She is the cutest baby in the world. It makes me so excited to have children one day. There such a little blessing! It snowed a bit on Saturday but it was beautiful to walk the beach and see the snow falling into the water. Its so peaceful sometimes to just walk along the ocean beach alone, and look out there and just think…

Japan is soon approaching, its going to be a very difficult time when I leave, because first off I will be leaving my family, and second I will be leaving my significant other, Andrew. I’m telling you all now, long distance is the hardest thing you could ever do. At times it rips couples apart, it allows you to see what you are truly made of. Its going to be a difficult time, but at the end of the day, you have to believe all things in life happen for a reason. I got this amazing opportunity to go over and play with Megan Willis with Toyota, Shokki, and I cannot pass it up. All I know is that Andrew is the kindest, most gentle guy I’ve ever met, he puts everyone first, he loves with ALL he has and for that I respect him more than I have EVER respected a man. I love him, were going to take it one day at a time. 

 “Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.”

I’m sure excited for the playing part to start! … I miss that feeling I get when I pick the ball up in the circle and go through my routine, I miss my teammates, I miss being intense, I miss struggling and finding a way to be better my next opportunity, I miss seeing my teammates succeed, I miss that thrill after a 3-2 bases loaded pitch, where you have so much confidence in yourself you feel like you could throw it with your eyes closed, I miss seeing fans, college ones were amazing and so are the fans that come out and watch the NPF, I miss getting prettied up for games, I miss watching video and looking through stats and sheets of my opponents, I miss that feeling before we take the field on “Championship” day, I miss seeing my family in the crowd supporting me, I miss signing for all those amazing young women that stay 30-40 minutes after every game just to get an autograph, last thing I miss the most is competing, its the best feeling in the world, for all of you out there, if you love the feeling of competing… NEVER LOOSE that. You can’t teach someone to thrive in the hardest situations possible, its gut instinct and how their raised, LOVE the moment you guys, because sooner or later it will be over. 
I can’t wait to keep everyone posted on Japan, and this summer! I will update this as often as I can. 
Also, I want to give a shout out to my Huskies for there amazing opening weekend! They were down in Arizona state and went 5-0! Check out and read up on it! Love my Dawgs!
I want to thank all the people that take the time to read this, it means a lot. Hoping you all had a blessed Sunday!
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Great Sunday Spent in The Cape :)

First things first, it feels amazing to be back in Boston! The weather is outstanding here! If it was like this all the time, it would give Seattle a run for its money, but since I’m the one that brings the sunshine I think Seattle is going to be my home for life! Its neat to see how crazy the Boston people are about there Patriots… T-shirts and visors, and sweatshirts everywhere! I even did the honors last week of going into Trophy cupcakes and getting a special Patriots cupcake made for Andrew! It was amazing from what he told me!! Anyways, just wanted to touch base with everyone! I’m rooting Pats today! Tom Brady is going to have to play unbelievable for them to win but thats what great players do when the game is on the line! So we shall see!

I Can’t believe I’m taking off to Japan soon with the beautiful Megan Willis! SOOO excited to go over there and experience everything! Its a 12 team league! 22 games total in 6 months! Its from March 17- June 5 and then I will be back in Orlando for the summer to play with the Pride –>

After the season ends Aug 24… I’m hoping to head over to New York to watch my brother play a couple games before I head back to Japan to finish the season for sept, oct and november! 

 Its crazy the opportunities that softball has given me! I’m so thankful. I love the fans and the support system! You guys are honestly unreal! Everyone that takes the time to read this is special to me! Remember that! 

 Thanks again for all you support 




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Blog For Japan

I’m going to be using this wordpress while I’m away in Japan! I want to keep you guys all posted on everything! I think it allows me to put up pictures as well! Hope you guys enjoy! I will upload to twitter so you can copy and paste on the link!!


Goodnight Peeps :)